About Us

About Us

Whether for enjoying an indulgent bath or gifting as tokens of love to friends and family, choose the Artistry Savon brand of Handmade Soaps, Kids Soaps, etc. Our exquisite collection of fragrant Oudh Shea Butter Soap, Oatmeal Coffee Soap, Kids Strawberry Soap, Kids Watermelon Popsicle Soap, Wild Turmeric Soap, Rosemary Lavender Soap, etc., is formulated using rich quality ingredients and essential oils that leave one feeling squeaky clean, refreshed and invigorated for long. We, CEH, can be called a handmade soap specialist that strives as a manufacturer to provide all-natural, cruelty-free soaps that look good, smell fresh and last long.

How We Excel?

Taking care of skin is important and good skincare begins with the right soap. What we put on our skin is equally important as what we eat because harmful chemicals in soaps can penetrate through skin pores and lead to skin allergies and problems. Our soap bars are formulated to take your skin care regimen to a new level. They positively affect the complexion and gives a radiantly beautiful glow to the skin. Thankfully, we have almost three years of industry experience, and have so far formulated a range of bath products that boosts glow and vitality of the skin with each clean. Packed with many useful and all-natural oils, our soaps do not dry the skin and effectively clean any dirt sitting on the face and also take care of any waste coming from dead skin and skin pores.

Why Choose Artistry Savon Soaps?

Human skin is incredibly delicate, which only means that we should be doubly conscious of what we use on skin. CEH as an ethical soap manufacturer crafts its range avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and ingredients. This is the reason, we can assure the following to users of our Oudh Shea Butter Soap, Oatmeal Coffee Soap, Wild Turmeric Soap, Rosemary Lavender Soap, etc.:

  • Glowing complexions
  • Goodness of ethically-sourced ingredients
  • Relief from symptoms of various skin problems like irritation, dry skin, eczema, dull skin, etc.

Our Motto

We believe in the power of homegrown and organic, and make it our motto to only use all natural and hypoallergenic ingredients for making our range of Handmade Soaps, Kids Soaps, etc.
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Contact Us

39, Nalanda Vihar, Maharani Farm, Durgapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302018, India
Phone :+918062375846